Uses of Interface

Packages that use ProjectWriter Project writer for Apple Xcode 
net.sf.antcontrib.cpptasks.borland Adapter for Borland tools. 
net.sf.antcontrib.cpptasks.devstudio Adapters for Microsoft tools. 
net.sf.antcontrib.cpptasks.ide IDE project file generation. 

Uses of ProjectWriter in

Classes in that implement ProjectWriter
 class XcodeProjectWriter
          Writes a Apple Xcode 2.1+ project directory.

Uses of ProjectWriter in net.sf.antcontrib.cpptasks.borland

Classes in net.sf.antcontrib.cpptasks.borland that implement ProjectWriter
 class CBuilderXProjectWriter
          Writes a CBuilderX 1.0 project file.

Uses of ProjectWriter in net.sf.antcontrib.cpptasks.devstudio

Classes in net.sf.antcontrib.cpptasks.devstudio that implement ProjectWriter
 class DevStudioProjectWriter
          Writes a Microsoft Visual Studio 97 or Visual Studio 6 project file.
 class VisualStudioNETProjectWriter
          Writes a Visual Studio.NET project file.

Uses of ProjectWriter in net.sf.antcontrib.cpptasks.ide

Methods in net.sf.antcontrib.cpptasks.ide that return ProjectWriter
 ProjectWriter ProjectWriterEnum.getProjectWriter()
          Gets ProjectWriter associated with enumeration value.

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