The foreach task iterates over a list, a list of paths, or both. If both, list and paths, are specified, the list will be evaluated first. Nested paths are evaluated in the order they appear in the task.


Attribute Description Required
list The list of values to process, with the delimiter character, indicated by the "delimiter" attribute, separating each value. Yes, unless a nested Fileset has been specified.
target Name of the target to call for each token or matched file. Yes
param Name of the parameter to pass the tokens or files in as to the target. Yes
delimiter The delimiter characters that separates the values in the "list" attribute. Each character in the supplied string can act as a delimiter. This follows the semantics of the StringTokenizer class. No, defaults to ",".
inheritall If true, pass all properties to the called target. Defaults to false. No
inheritrefs If true, pass all references to the the called target. Defaults to false. No
parallel If true, all instances of the called target will execute in parallel. Defaults to false, which forces sequential execution of the targets. It is up to the caller to ensure that parallel execution is safe. This is accomplished through the means of the "parallel" task contained in the ANT core. No
maxThreads The maximum number of allowable threads when executing in parallel. No. Defaults to 5.
trim If true, any leading or trailing whitespace will be removed from the list item before it is passed to the requested target No. Defaults to false.

Parameters specified as nested elements


Paths are used to select sets of files or directories to iterate over.

Using a path allows you to determine the order by which files are considered by using filelists or explicit pathelements. You also can specify whether you want to iterate over files or directories by chosing either filesets or dirsets.


FileSets are used to select sets of files to iterate over. This element is deprecated, use nested path elements instead.


Specifies the properties to set before running the specified target. See property for usage guidelines.


Used to chose references that shall be copied into the new project, optionally changing their id.

Attribute Description Required
refid The id of the reference in the calling project. Yes
torefid The id of the reference in the called project. No, defaults to the value of refid.

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