The Forget task will execute a set of tasks sequentially as a background thread. Once the thread is started, control is returned to the calling target. This is useful in being able to kick off a background server process, such as a webserver. This allows you to not have to use the parallel task to start server processes.


Attribute Description Required
daemon Should the created thread be a daemon thread. That is, should the ANT program be allowed to exit if the thread is still running. No. Defaults to true.


The following code
        <exec executeable="${env.CATALINA_HOME}/bin/catalina.bat}">
            <arg line="start -security" />

    <waitfor maxwait="1" maxwaitunit="minute"
                checkevery="100" checkeveryunit="millisecond">
        <http url="http://localhost:8080" />

Would start the Tomcat webserver as a background process, then waiting for the server to become available.

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