Copies the value of a named property to another property. This is useful when you need to plug in the value of another property in order to get a property name and then want to get the value of that property name.


Attribute Description Required
property The name of the property to set. Yes.
override If the property is already set, should we change it's value. Can be true or false No. Defaults to false
name Deprecated The name of the property to set. No. Use the property attribute instead
from The name of the property you wish to copy the value from. Yes.
silent Do you want to suppress the error if the "from" property does not exist, and just not set the property "name". No, default is "false".


<property name="org" value="MyOrg" />
<property name="org.MyOrg.DisplayName" value="My Organiziation" />
<propertycopy name="displayName" from="org.${org}.DisplayName" />

Sets displayName to "My Organiziation".

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