A wrapper that lets you run a set of tasks and optionally run a different set of tasks if the first set fails and yet another set after the first one has finished.

This mirrors Java's try/catch/finally.

The tasks inside of the required <try> element will be run. If one of them should throw a BuildException several things can happen:

If a <finally> block is present, the task nested into it will be run, no matter whether the first tasks have thrown an exception or not.


Attribute Description Required
property Name of a property that will receive the message of the exception that has been caught (if any) No.
reference Id of a reference that will point to the exception object that has been caught (if any) No


<trycatch property="foo" reference="bar">

    <echo>In &lt;catch&gt;.</echo>

    <echo>In &lt;finally&gt;.</echo>

<echo>As property: ${foo}</echo>
<property name="baz" refid="bar" />
<echo>From reference: ${baz}</echo>

results in

  [trycatch] Caught exception: Tada!
      [echo] In <catch>.
      [echo] In <finally>.
      [echo] As property: Tada!
      [echo] From reference: Tada!

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