Compile and link task.

This task can compile various source languages and produce executables, shared libraries (aka DLL's) and static libraries. Compiler adaptors are currently available for several C/C++ compilers, FORTRAN, MIDL and Windows Resource files.

Copyright (c) 2001-2008, The Ant-Contrib project.

Licensed under the Apache Software License 2.0,

For use with Apache Ant 1.5 or later. This software is not a product of the of the Apache Software Foundation and no endorsement is implied.

THIS SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED 'AS-IS', See for additional disclaimers.

To use:
  1. Place cpptasks.jar into Ant's classpath by placing it in Ant's lib directory, adding it to the CLASSPATH environment variable or by using the -lib command line option.
  2. Add type and task definitions to the build file:
    • Ant 1.6 or later:
      • Add xmlns:cpptasks="antlib:net.sf.antcontrib.cpptasks" to <project> element.
      • Add <cpptasks:cc/>, <cpptasks:compiler/> and <cpptasks:linker/> elements to the project.
    • Ant 1.5 or later:
      • Add <taskdef resource="cpptasks.tasks"/> and <typedef resource="cpptasks.types"/> to body of <project> element.
      • Add <cc/>, <compiler/> and <linker/> elements to the project.
  3. Set the path and environment variables to be able to run compiler from command line.
  4. Build the project.


Attribute Description Type
classname Sets the default compiler adapter. Use the "name" attribute when the compiler is a supported compiler. String
dataset Sets the dataset for OS/390 builds. String
debug Enables or disables generation of debug info. boolean
dependencydepth Deprecated. Controls the depth of the dependency evaluation. Used to do a quick check of changes before a full build. Any negative value which will perform full dependency checking. Positive values will truncate dependency checking. A value of 0 will cause only those files that changed to be recompiled, a value of 1 which cause files that changed or that explicitly include a file that changed to be recompiled. Any non-negative value will cause a BuildException to be thrown before attempting a link or completing the task. int
description String
exceptions Enables generation of exception handling code boolean
failonerror Indicates whether the build will continue even if there are compilation errors; defaults to true. boolean
incremental Enables or disables incremental linking. boolean
libtool Set use of libtool. If set to true, the "libtool " will be prepended to the command line for compatible processors boolean
link Sets the output file type. Supported values "executable", "shared", and "static". Deprecated, specify outtype instead. OutputTypeEnum
location Location
multithreaded Enables or disables generation of multithreaded code boolean
name Sets type of the default compiler and linker. Supported compilers
gcc (default) GCC C++ compiler
g++ GCC C++ compiler
c++ GCC C++ compiler
g77 GNU FORTRAN compiler
msvc Microsoft Visual C++
bcc Borland C++ Compiler
msrc Microsoft Resource Compiler
brc Borland Resource Compiler
df Compaq Visual Fortran Compiler
midl Microsoft MIDL Compiler
icl Intel C++ compiler for Windows (IA-32)
ecl Intel C++ compiler for Windows (IA-64)
icc Intel C++ compiler for Linux (IA-32)
ecc Intel C++ compiler for Linux (IA-64)
CC Sun ONE C++ compiler
aCC HP aC++ C++ Compiler
os390 OS390 C Compiler
os400 Icc Compiler
sunc89 Sun C89 C Compiler
xlC VisualAge C Compiler
uic Qt user interface compiler (creates .h, .cpp and moc_*.cpp files).
moc Qt meta-object compiler
xpidl Mozilla xpidl compiler (creates .h and .xpt files).
wcl OpenWatcom C/C++ compiler
wfl OpenWatcom FORTRAN compiler
newenvironment Do not propagate old environment when new environment variables are specified. boolean
objdir Sets the destination directory for object files. Generally this should be a property expression that evaluates to distinct debug and release object file directories. File
optimize Sets optimization. OptimizationEnum
outfile Sets the output file name. If not specified, the task will only compile files and not attempt to link. If an extension is not specified, the task may use a system appropriate extension and prefix, for example, outfile="example" may result in "" being created. File
outputfileproperty Specifies the name of a property to set with the physical filename that is produced by the linker String
outtype Sets the output file type. Supported values "executable", "shared", and "static". OutputTypeEnum
owningtarget Target
projectsonly boolean
rebuild If set to true, all files will be rebuilt. boolean
relentless If set to true, compilation errors will not stop the task until all files have been attempted. boolean
rtti Enables run-time type information. boolean
runtime Sets the type of runtime library, possible values "dynamic", "static". RuntimeType
subsystem Sets the nature of the subsystem under which that the program will execute. Supported subsystems
gui Graphical User Interface
console Command Line Console
other Other
taskname String
tasktype String
warnings Enumerated attribute with the values "none", "severe", "default", "production", "diagnostic", and "aserror". WarningLevelEnum

parameters as nested elements

Adds a compiler definition or reference.
Adds a compiler command-line arg. Argument will be inherited by all nested compiler elements that do not have inherit="false".
Adds a defineset. Will be inherited by all compiler elements that do not have inherit="false".
Adds a distributer definition or reference (Non-functional prototype).
Add an environment variable to the launched process.
Adds a source file set. Files in these filesets will be auctioned to the available compiler configurations, with the default compiler implied by the cc element bidding last. If no compiler is interested in the file, it will be passed to the linker. To have a file be processed by a particular compiler configuration, add a fileset to the corresponding compiler element.
Adds an include path. Include paths will be inherited by nested compiler elements that do not have inherit="false".
Adds a library set. Library sets will be inherited by all linker elements that do not have inherit="false".
Adds a linker definition. The first linker that is not disqualified by its "if" and "unless" attributes will perform the link. If no child linker element is active, the linker implied by the cc elements name or classname attribute will be used.
Adds a linker command-line arg. Argument will be inherited by all nested linker elements that do not have inherit="false".
Specifies precompilation prototype file and exclusions. Inherited by all compilers that do not have inherit="false".
Specifies the generation of IDE project file. Experimental.
Adds a system include path. Locations and timestamps of files located using the system include paths are not used in dependency analysis. Standard include locations should not be specified. The compiler adapters should recognized the settings from the appropriate environment variables or configuration files. System include paths will be inherited by nested compiler elements that do not have inherit="false".
Adds a system library set. Timestamps and locations of system library sets are not used in dependency analysis. Essential libraries (such as C Runtime libraries) should not be specified since the task will attempt to identify the correct libraries based on the multithread, debug and runtime attributes. System library sets will be inherited by all linker elements that do not have inherit="false".
Adds a target definition or reference (Non-functional prototype).
Adds desriptive version information to be included in the generated file. The first active version info block will be used.