Class CompilerEnum

  extended by
      extended by net.sf.antcontrib.cpptasks.CompilerEnum

public class CompilerEnum

Enumeration of supported compilers

Supported compilers *
gcc (default) GCC C++ compiler
g++ GCC C++ compiler
c++ GCC C++ compiler
g77 GNU FORTRAN compiler
msvc Microsoft Visual C++
msvc8 Microsoft Visual C++ 8
bcc Borland C++ Compiler
msrc Microsoft Resource Compiler
brc Borland Resource Compiler
df Compaq Visual Fortran Compiler
midl Microsoft MIDL Compiler
icl Intel C++ compiler for Windows (IA-32)
ecl Intel C++ compiler for Windows (IA-64)
icc Intel C++ compiler for Linux (IA-32)
ecc Intel C++ compiler for Linux (IA-64)
CC Sun ONE C++ compiler
aCC HP aC++ C++ Compiler
os390 OS390 C Compiler
os400 Icc Compiler
sunc89 Sun C89 C Compiler
xlC VisualAge C Compiler
cl6x TI TMS320C6000 Optimizing Compiler
cl55 TI TMS320C55x Optimizing C/C++ Compiler
armcpp ARM 32-bit C++ compiler
armcc ARM 32-bit C compiler
tcpp ARM 16-bit C++ compiler
tcc ARM 16-bit C compiler
uic Qt user interface compiler
moc Qt meta-object compiler
xpidl Mozilla xpidl compiler (creates .h and .xpt files).
wcl OpenWatcom C/C++ compiler (experimental)
wfl OpenWatcom FORTRAN compiler (experimental)
windres GNU windres resource compiler

Curt Arnold

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 Compiler getCompiler()
 java.lang.String[] getValues()
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public CompilerEnum()
Method Detail


public Compiler getCompiler()


public java.lang.String[] getValues()
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getValues in class

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