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net.sf.antcontrib.cpptasks.devstudio Adapters for Microsoft tools.   

Uses of DevStudioCompatibleCCompiler in net.sf.antcontrib.cpptasks.devstudio

Subclasses of DevStudioCompatibleCCompiler in net.sf.antcontrib.cpptasks.devstudio
 class DevStudio2005CCompiler
          Adapter for the Microsoft(r) C/C++ 8 Optimizing Compiler
 class DevStudioCCompiler
          Adapter for the Microsoft(r) C/C++ Optimizing Compiler

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Subclasses of DevStudioCompatibleCCompiler in
 class IntelWin32CCompiler
          Adapter for the Intel (r) C++ compiler for 32-bit applications The Intel (r) C++ compiler for IA32 Windows mimics the command options for the Microsoft (r) C++ compiler.
 class IntelWin64CCompiler
          Adapter for the Intel C++ compiler for Itanium(TM) Applications

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