Package net.sf.antcontrib.cpptasks.types

Class Summary
CommandLineArgument An compiler/linker command line flag.
CommandLineArgument.LocationEnum Enumerated attribute with the values "start", "mid" and "end",
CompilerArgument A compiler command line argument.
ConditionalFileSet An Ant FileSet object augmented with if and unless conditions.
ConditionalPath An Ant Path object augmented with if and unless conditionals
DefineArgument Preprocessor macro definition.
DefineSet Set of preprocessor macro defines and undefines.
FlexLong Helper class which can be used for Ant task attribute setter methods to allow the build file to specify a long in either decimal, octal, or hexadecimal format.
IncludePath An include path.
LibrarySet A set of library names.
LibraryTypeEnum Enumeration of library types for LibrarySet
LinkerArgument A linker command line argument.
SystemIncludePath A system include path.
SystemLibrarySet A set of system library names.
UndefineArgument Preprocessor macro undefinition.

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