Package net.sf.antcontrib.cpptasks

C++ and other compiled languages build support for Ant.


Interface Summary
FileVisitor An abstract class implemented to walk over the fileset members of a ProcessorDef

Class Summary
AboutCCTask The equivalent of a Help About run "java -jar cpptasks.jar" to read
ArchEnum Enumeration of cpu architecture types.
CCTask Compile and link task.
CompilerDef A compiler definition.
CompilerEnum Enumeration of supported compilers Supported compilers gcc (default) GCC C++ compiler g++ GCC C++ compiler c++ GCC C++ compiler g77 GNU FORTRAN compiler msvc Microsoft Visual C++ msvc8 Microsoft Visual C++ 8 bcc Borland C++ Compiler msrc Microsoft Resource Compiler brc Borland Resource Compiler df Compaq Visual Fortran Compiler midl Microsoft MIDL Compiler icl Intel C++ compiler for Windows (IA-32) ecl Intel C++ compiler for Windows (IA-64) icc Intel C++ compiler for Linux (IA-32) ecc Intel C++ compiler for Linux (IA-64) CC Sun ONE C++ compiler aCC HP aC++ C++ Compiler os390 OS390 C Compiler os400 Icc Compiler sunc89 Sun C89 C Compiler xlC VisualAge C Compiler cl6x TI TMS320C6000 Optimizing Compiler cl55 TI TMS320C55x Optimizing C/C++ Compiler armcpp ARM 32-bit C++ compiler armcc ARM 32-bit C compiler tcpp ARM 16-bit C++ compiler tcc ARM 16-bit C compiler * uic Qt user interface compiler moc Qt meta-object compiler xpidl Mozilla xpidl compiler (creates .h and .xpt files). wcl OpenWatcom C/C++ compiler (experimental) wfl OpenWatcom FORTRAN compiler (experimental) windres GNU windres resource compiler
CompilerParam Place class description here.
CPUEnum Enumeration of cpu types.
CUtil Some utilities used by the CC and Link tasks.
CUtil.StringArrayBuilder A class that splits a white-space, comma-separated list into a String array.
DistributerDef Distributed build information (Non-functional prototype).
DistributerMap Local to remote filename mapping (Experimental).
DistributerProtocolEnum Distributer prococol names (experimental).
LinkerDef A linker definition.
LinkerEnum Enumeration of supported linkers
LinkerParam Place class description here.
ObjectFileCollector Collects object files for the link step.
OptimizationEnum Enumeration of optimization levels (experimental).
OSFamilyEnum Enumeration of cpu types.
OutputTypeEnum Enumeration of supported subsystems
PrecompileDef An element that specifies a prototype file and rules for source files that should not use precompiled headers
PrecompileExceptDef Specifies files that should not be compiled using precompiled headers.
ProcessorDef An abstract compiler/linker definition.
ProcessorEnumValue One entry in the arrays used by the CompilerEnum and LinkerEnum classes.
ProcessorParam Place class description here.
RuntimeType Enumerated attribute with the values "dynamic" and "static",
SourceHistory The history of a source file used to build a target
SubsystemEnum Enumeration of supported subsystems
TargetDef Information on the execution platforms for the generated code.
TargetHistory A description of a file built or to be built
TargetHistoryTable A history of the compiler and linker settings used to build the files in the same directory as the history.
TargetInfo A description of a file built or to be built
TargetMatcher This class matches each visited file with an appropriate compiler
VersionInfo Version Information.
WarningLevelEnum Enumerated attribute with the values "none", "severe", "default", "production", "diagnostic", and "aserror".

Package net.sf.antcontrib.cpptasks Description

C++ and other compiled languages build support for Ant.

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